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hello - you can read about my various music ensembles and sample the music, find out where to hear live music or order recordings and study trombone or jazz vocal. 

our cds, are available and may be ordered from the cd page.

dates: agua verde cafe - saturdays ..... artist extravaganza - 8/24 .....el quetzal - 9/5 .....see calender

here's the article about me in an earshot magazine: Catching up with Marc Smason

The man plays for the community, to effect a sensation, a kind of euphoria to parallel the din of life.     Schraepfer Harvey, Earshot

review of concert 2/10/14      http://earshot.org/Publication/Reviews/2014_03_Concert-DrPrimitive_Haney.html

concert w/ pals 11/21/13    http://youtu.be/Eh8KrFrl9Dg                               

Smason on VIMEO

marc smason | 206-760-1764 | email

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